Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday: {February 27, 2014}

Happy Friday Gals! It has been a WEEK for this gal, so I will be counting down the hours until the work day is done and I can put on my sweatpants, enjoy some pizza and wine and catchup on lots of trashy reality tv! To kick things off, as usual we're sharing our 5 favorites of the week - I hope everyone is having a fab Friday with even more fab plans for the weekend ahead!!

Commuting Gal
 Ok, this first one certainly isn't a favorite, but just my new way of life. My company decided to consolidate some of it's offices, which means I'm now commuting 40 miles north of my house to the majestic Jersey City, NJ... So it's been a bit of an adjustment having to now triple (yes triple!) my commuting time, along with now taking public transportation.  BUT.. I am trying to stay positive and look for the small upsides of this change, like being able to now have the time to read again, along with lots of time to read all of my favorite blogs! So I will be promptly checking all of your book recommendations and downloading lots and lots of books to my iphone - recommendations definitely welcome!! 

Rent the Runway Unlimited

RTR has done it again, and this time, they've truly outdone themselves! I raved about my love of RTR Unlimited back when I first signed up, and we are also long time fans of their dress rentals, so imagine my excitement when I got the email notifying me that they've basically combined the two into the best of both worlds! Unlimited subscribers are now able to select dresses in addition to accessories for a monthly fee! You can read all about the specifics here, but I couldn't be more excited about this and have already added about 15 gorgeous dresses to my queue!

 Sale Picks of the Week

And for those moments when a rental just won't do, I've been lusting over way to many shopping deals this week!

I'm loving this duvet cover from West Elm - it's so bright and cheerful, and a steal at $34.99

This necklace from Kate Spade - still a little steep in price, but so, so gorgeous!

I have been obsessing over these boots ever since seeing them on Kristen and Pamela, so once I realized they were at 50%, I was basically powerless and had to order them.. they arrived this week and I love, love, love them!
 Favorite Song of the Week

Shut Up and Dance with Me - Walk the Moon
How fun is this song?! It kind of reminds me of an 80's pop/dance song, and I've basically had it on constant repeat all week long. 

 Gals in Manals
While my Friday night plans may not be very exciting (though I am VERY excited for them), Saturday is a whole other story because the Gals are going to be reunited!! The name of the town I live in is Manalapan, so we affectionately like to call it the Gals in Manals whenever B comes over (which explains my title for this one). She's going to be in Jersey during the day, so I am so, so excited that she'll be coming over at night, along with T, for some dinner, drinks and lots and lots of gal'ing. Hopefully GG and T realize what they're in for, though truth be told, those two are total gals at heart, and I know they'll be cackling along with us (after a glass of wine or two!).

And lastly, as a little bonus item, don't forget to enter our Pearlties giveaway!
You gotta be in it to win it!! 

What are you all up to this weekend?!


  1. Yayyyy I'm so glad you love those booties! I'm planning on wearing mine today actually! They are so perfect! And I feel you on that commute struggle... ugh. Hope yours gets better! Happy Friday girl!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Love those booties!! And I love a good girls night, too! One of my bloody besties lives near Manalapan. I know she's mentioned the name before! Hope you girls have a great night!!!

  3. I'm sorry that your commute has increased but you're right - now you can read more!!! Have so much fun with the girls this weekend - I told you my cousins consignment shop is in the town you live in right?! Happy friday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. i LOVE your outlook on the commute. my drive to work is 15 min but coming home it is an hour, thanks at traffic. i listen to audiobooks on the way home to help.

  5. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to drive for my commute so I could read more! Now I just listen to audio books and it's a win win. Until I move closer and can give up traffic!! I always have lots of romance book recs, so if that's what you're in the mood for make sure to check me out and send me an email if you have any questions about books I talk about!! So awesome you got the booties for 50% off, I would have been powerless as well. Happy Friday!!

  6. Everytime I hear that song by Walk the Moon I literally stop what I am doing and dance. It's just so happy I can't help it.
    I'm glad you're able to come up with something positive from the long work commute. I'm sure things will be better with a great book in your hand.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. OMG that perfectly sums up my commute every damn day. I am in love with that bed set. So cute.

  8. Love that necklace!! Enjoy your girls night -- I love when my besties are in town!

  9. More reading time is def a plus to your extended commute. You will be so up to date on the latest must-reads! Have a fabulous gals' night!!

  10. Sorry to hear about your commute increasing. The one thing I like about training the train is the built in time to read. I'm reading the second book in the Outlander Series. It's good but very very long. Have a fab weekend.

  11. A long commute would be hard to get used to after a nice short one, BUT the chance to catch up on reading would be nice! Hope you enjoy your fun weekend (although the nice quiet evening catching up on reality tv sounds delightful!!)

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  12. 1. I totally feel your pain about commuting via the bus. I do it, too. I also appreciate the free time but there are so many crazy things that only commuters understand (like wanting to sit alone). Here is an article with tips on how to accomplish that - Enjoy! Also, I am a little concerned about RTR's new unlimited plan. I think the price point is great but sometimes I find a lot of dresses are booked when I want them. (Even when I am trying to book a month or more out.) I can only imagine this is going to make that problem worse - unless they get more inventory. I am interested to see how it works out.

  13. Boo to a longer commute but I'm glad you are looking at the bright side! :) Love those booties, so so cute!

  14. So sorry about your longer commute! I would definitely hate that! I love Shut Up and Dance With Me, too! :)

  15. What a bummer about the longer commute but yay for time to read! Love those booties and that necklace! Enjoy your gal time!

  16. Way to look at the up-side to the commute although I'm sure it's annoying sometimes to be on a bus with a bunch of people. You got this :) Amazing first meme btw haha. Happy weekend, ladies!

  17. I have a little longer commute to my new position but it's been okay. It just cost a little more now!! Great Five on Friday!!

  18. My commute is about that long but by car so I don;t get to read but you get accustomed to it. Obviously rush hour traffic gets on my nerves though! Have a great weekend!

  19. That necklace! Those shoes! Swooning over here!!! Have a great weekend! 40 miles is a bit of a commute for someone who isn't used to it! Mine is about 30 miles, but I knew that when I started. Podcasts will become your best friend!

  20. Yes - Give me all the wine!!! Oh my I have no idea how you can do 40 miles on public transport. Good for you though! I used to complain driving with only 10.

  21. Those booties are amazing! Also, I like your positve outlook on your commute, but yikes! xoxo

  22. Those booties are so fabulous - I'm jealous that you got a pair! RTR Unlimited definitely sounds awesome, I may have to check that out for myself. Hope you had a good weekend!

  23. yayyy so glad you like the booties!! they are such a good buy, and at half off you can't go wrong!
    ugh the commute sounds lame, but yay for being positive and for reading time!!
    RTR unlimited... oyy that could be dangerous!!

  24. That duvet cover is really cute!! And I would buy those booties NOW!

  25. Ahh those boots are amazing! I love wedges, I feel like they are so much more comfy for all day than heels.

    Thanks for linking up again :)


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