Thursday, February 26, 2015

Party Planner: Oscars Viewing Party

I'm not exactly the hugest movie buff, but how did I not see until last week that hosting an Oscars viewing party is the perfect fit for me? The glitz, the glamour, the metallics, the sparkles, and the stars are all some of my favorite things, so it was only natural that I finally threw my very first awards show party this past Sunday. 

This party was a bit more impromptu than my usual events, as it wasn't even a thought until T suggested in the middle of last week that we host a joint party. Nevertheless, I was totally up for the challenge and adventure of hosting a fun soiree and all I can say is...thank goodness for the speed and convenience of Amazon Prime, which really helped the whole thing come together!

I knew I wanted to stick with a classic Hollywood glamour theme, so the first thing I had to order was a huge bunch of stars. I decorated the back of my studio apartment door with a cascade of stars and then used the rest as chargers on the food tables. The food tables were also adorned with gold star-shaped plates and white/gold netting that I had picked up for super cheap at a post-holiday clearance.

My favorite part of the decor was the long red carpet that led from the front door to the photo booth area (which you'll see down below). As much as I wish I could take credit for this brilliant red carpet prop, it was all T's idea!

The Oscars started at 8:30 p.m. EST this year which is pretty late to start a party on a work night (hey, give me a break, I'm in my 30s!), so we decided to forgo any dinner items and jump straight to dessert. We started things off by greeting every guest with a chocolate whipped cream welcome shot, and we served raspberry-lime prosecco sparklers as the signature cocktail.

 The dessert table featured a few salty snacks (chips/pretzels/popcorn) and a big assortment of sweets, including vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, brownies, chocolate-covered pretzels, M&M cookies, and a very popular cake batter dip. In fact, the cake batter dip was such a hit that by the end of the night, people were literally pouring it into their champagne flutes and drinking it!

 I can never resist a good paper craft, and this party was no exception! Each champagne flute was decorated with an "And the Oscar goes to..." tag, and I put my star puncher to work making custom confetti to scatter throughout the apartment.

Speaking of my star puncher, I also used it to create two-sided food picks to decorate the desserts in a variety of metallic, textured papers. I also couldn't resist making some glitzy pom pom stirrers to dress up the drinks.

It just isn't an awards viewing party without some games to add some fun to the commercial breaks! Of course, we had to run an Oscar ballot contest (complete with custom ballots designed by T), and we also devised a house drinking game (and with rules like "Drink anytime someone thanks the Academy," things got quite spirited very quickly)! We also played Acceptance Speech Mad Libs, where each guest got the opportunity to make the (absolutely ridiculous) fantasy Oscars speech of their dreams.

The most popular activity of the party was the photo booth that we created with some gold foil curtains and the red carpet! Everyone was able to pose with our little Oscar and have a moment or two of celebrity red carpet glory.

We encouraged everyone to dress up, since you never know when the paparazzi will be watching!

We couldn't resist paying homage to a classic Oscars moment by recreating the infamous Ellen group selfie in our photo booth! I'm not sure how we managed to squeeze everyone in there, but we did it!

What's your favorite way to watch the Oscars?

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  1. I think your impromptu party looks better than what my planned out party would have looked like! haha Love the red carpet and the gold streamer background for the pics! Looks like it was a great time! :)

  2. This looks like so much fun!!
    I love your red carpet and all the yummy desserts.
    Nice job on your impromptu party!

  3. I wish I could've come to your party, you did an awesome job with everything! I love the recreation of Ellen's selfie, so fun. I'm tucking away some of your ideas and crafts for my own party next year!

  4. Of course not a detail was missed!! You did such a great job with everything and I love that everyone was a good sport and dressed up for the party!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. This looks so great! You did an amazing job putting this together!


  6. I love it all! Very well done. It looks like a fun night with the perfect amount of glam.

  7. Oh my gosh this looks like so much fun!! Love all of your decor (the pom pom drink stirrers! SO cute!) and the food looks so good!

  8. What a fun and festive night!! Looks like everyone was happy to have scored an invite to this one :) That selfie is everything, lol!

  9. This party looks amazing, how fun!!

  10. What a fun and creative party set up! You really went all out and all the decorations are so pretty!

  11. What a fun and classy looking party!!! I love it!

  12. I love how you always pull of such a cute themed party and of course this was another win. The champs name tags are genius!

  13. Look like such a fun party. The champs tags look great!

  14. Stop it! I am loving this so much! Your attention to detail is amazing as always!

  15. This looks awesome, you did an amazing job! So much fun :)

  16. Oh that selfie shot is fab! And the photo booth idea is amaze. Sounds like you had an amazing night!

  17. This looks so fun! I especially love the ballots and the Ellen-selfie:)


  18. Oh my goodness, B!!! You throw such a fabulous party!!! Looks like it was sooo much fun!! I can't stop smiling after looking at all those sparkles and smiles!! ;D

  19. That looks so nice!! I've never been to one or thrown one, maybe next year!!

  20. You did such a great job seriously!

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