Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Soundtrack to My Life

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve put together a mixy post, but this time around, I wanted to share a different mixy.. The Soundtrack To My Life (thus far, of course!).

For me, music is one of those things that can instantly transport me to a moment of time and immediately conjure up many different emotions and memories.  There are certain songs that can make me smile the instant I hear the opening chord – those songs that randomly come on as your flipping through radio stations that stop you in your tracks, until you proceed to blast the volume and sing every along to every single word.  So today I’m taking a little trip down memory lane.. a little #tbt, if you will, and sharing some of the songs that makeup the soundtrack to my life! I limited this to 10 of my standouts,  but if we're being honest, I could go on for days and days.. oh and I'm definitely dating myself with this list, so please no judging how old some of the selections are!!

Song: Manic Monday by The Bangles
Moment:  The One that Brings Me Back to My Childhood

While today's kids are all about Frozen and Barney, my five year old self couldn't get enough of the Bangles and Manic Monday was my jam! I'd play it over and over again on my cassette tape player (which I'm pretty sure I stole from my older sister) and danced all around the house all day long.  I'm pretty sure this was when my love affair with pop began and I've been dancing all around the house ever since!

Song:Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey
Moment: Middle School Dances

Ahh Mariah.. you provided me hours of swooning in front of the tv, watching the video to this song whenever it came on MTV (and let me tell you, it was often!). I would dream up similar scenarios with my crush of the moment and hope that I'd finally snag that first kiss.

Song: Buddy Holly by Weezer
Moment: My Very First CD

Back before iTunes, and even before Napster, the only way to listen to your favorite song over and over on repeat was to wait for it to come on the radio, then record it onto a blank cassette tape.  Well all of that changed when cd's came into the picture, so it was pretty life changing when I finally received my first boombox (yup.. boombox) and cd for Christmas in 7th grade. For those who are as old as me, I'm sure you remember the blue cd from Weezer, and I was all too excited to open it up from one of my gals during our friend holiday gift exchange.

Song:Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim
Moment: Senior Year in High School with My Bestie (aka, B!)

And speaking of gals.. while B and I have many, many songs that remind of various things throughout our friendship, there is one that really takes me back to where it all began! Back in high school, we probably watched the movie She's All That a million times down in B's basement, and we always thought it was super jokey that there was a choreographed dance performance at the high school prom (seriously, did that ever happen in any high school prom ever?!). BUT... we as much as we made fun of it, we were totally obsessed with it, and would dance along to it every single time, and totally requested this song to every dj at every event during our senior year (and pretty much every event ever since then). And of course I couldn't resist dedicated this to B at my wedding, and we had a full on (not choreographed but still perfect) dance performance!

Song: She Talks to Angels by The Black Crows
Moment: My First Day of College

This one is totally dorky and so cliché, but still such a great memory for me nonetheless... When I was first visiting the college I ended up going to, there was a group of super cool upperclassmen playing guitar outside one of the dorms, and they happen to be playing this song. Cut to my first day, after having moved in and properly setup my desktop computer, my roommate showed me how to download this super awesome "free" music program called Napster and I knew just the song to download first! So of course this was the song I downloaded, and with that, college officially began!

Song: Me and Mrs. Jones by Michael Bublé
Memory: The One that Started it All.. My First Michael Bublé Song Obsession

I really don't like to play favorites with my Bublé songs, since they are all amazing, but there is one clear standout that really started my love affair with him, and that would be Me and Mrs. Jones.  I'm not really sure when I actually downloaded this song, but I do distinctly remember moving into my first NYC apartment, and somehow I discovered this amazing rendition of Me and Mrs. Jones by Michael Bublé. It was probably during one of my SSB nights.. but from then on out, I was officially in love and buying any and every song of his I could find!

Song: Dancing Queen by ABBA
Moment: The Day I Said 'Yes to the Dress'

A couple months after getting engaged, I was super excited to embark on my wedding dress journey, so I ventured out to a bunch of stores with my mom and B.  After trying on a bunch of duds, I suddenly found the one, but wasn't quite sure I was ready to pull the trigger after only one day of shopping.  That night, B and I headed back to my apartment to get ready for a night out, when all the sudden Dancing Queen came on and we just started dancing and this moment came over me where I could picture myself dancing to that very song at my wedding in the dress I found that day! I declared to B that I found my dress, and we continued our dance party all around my apartment and it's one of my very best memories of wedding planning with my best gal, B.

Song: Wonderful Day by O.A.R.
Moment: My Wedding Day

There are many songs that remind me of my wedding day, but the standout moment was definitely our entrance song into the reception. The song itself had so much meaning since it's by GG and my favorite band, O.A.R., plus the lyrics fit our wedding day perfectly - they are basically singing about the very best day of your life (hence the title!). So when we were lined up, getting ready to enter the tent, when I heard the opening notes, I seriously got chills and will never forget that moment for as long as I live.  There are obviously tons of amazing memories from my wedding day, but every time I hear this song, I get the same wave of emotion rush over me just as I did on that day and am taken back to that amazing moment.

Song: One More Time
Moment: Dance Parties out in NYC

Ok, so this one is a bit of a cheat, since it's not tied to one particular moment, but I couldn't not include it because this is my go-to, feel good, happy dance party song and I will request it every change I get.  Seriously, every time there is a dj, band, jukebox, you name it, I'm up there putting this song into the queue.  It's just represents the best time ever to me, and every time it plays it's impossible for me to not (1) be in the best mood, (2) dance like a crazy person and (3) sing along at the top of my lungs!

Song: Applause by Lady Gaga
Moment: The Day I Became a Mom

And to close things out, the song that reminds me of the day Little M was born. I know this one seems a little unconventional, but when I was getting ready for his arrival, I knew I needed the perfect "pushing mixy" to get me through the delivery. Leading up to my due date, I totally procrastinated making said playlist, but all along I knew that I absolutely needed Applause on it because it was such an uplifting, kickass song, and it would totally keep me motivated when the going got tough. And what better song to welcome my precious little guy into the world than Lady Gaga singing for applause?! So now every time it comes on, I totally sing it to Little M, and we have our own little dance party together!

What are some of the songs that would be on the soundtrack to your life? Any songs that instantly move to you back to a moment in time?

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  1. Oh my gosh - these all take me back!! What happened to fat boy slim?! I also thought that every high school dance had choreographed dances like that LOL! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Hahaha so many amazing songs I had forgotten about! Although ironically enough I was listening to Pandora and that Mariah Carey song came on randomly this morning! I hadn't heard it in years either!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. I am so obsessed with the concept of this post! Music always has been a constant in my life - I have my parents to thank for that - and I so agree with you that songs can take you back to significant moments in your life! I love all of yours - the Mariah Carey one gave me a good laugh and Lady Gaga to help get you through labor, too fun!

  4. Love this post! Music has always played a huge role in marking my special life moments too! I'm really dating myself, but Stevie Wonder's You Are The Sunshine Of My Life was my first dance with my husband at my wedding... It still brings a huge smile to my face after 38 years of marriage :)

  5. I love this list! That Mariah album was MY JAM!!! You just brought me back!

  6. this is such a great post - man, i love manic monday! and that mariah song for sure. i don't know a few of the others, but oh i love me and mrs jones!

  7. This is such an awesome post, loved it. Took me back too :) Aerosmith "Don't want to miss a thing" takes me back to my middle school dances haha

  8. I love music and I know that feeling of a song bringing me back to a moment. I also remember my first boombox. That was pretty sweet! I'm curious about your adorable glitter buttons. Did you have someone do that for you or did you figure it out on your own? I absolutely adore them! If you'd like to say hi, please email me at My blogger account is "no-reply" :(. Esther Norine Designs

  9. Oh my gosh YES to the "always be my baby" by mariah! Once upon a time a friend of mine spent the entire weekend calling the radio station asking them to play it and then sitting by the radio waiting to record it onto a tape!!!

  10. Oh man some of these take me way back especially that throwback mariah!! I loved this post!

  11. Music does instantly take you back, doesn't it?! You definitely covered some memorable songs in my life too! This was such a fun post, M!!

  12. That middle school dance song... I'm on the verge of tears of laughter. So middle school. Also, love that Applause is associated with giving birth to your son. And we damn well should applaud you for it! :)


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