Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tips on Valentine's Day for the Single Gal

Until recently, I was single for a veeeeery long time and definitely had my ups and downs with how I felt about it. No matter how awesome it is to be completely independent, even the most happy single gal can sometimes feel a bit blue when surrounded by all of the romantic hoopla of Valentine's Day. Based on my many years of experience of surviving this holiday without a significant other, here are some great alternative ways to spend Valentine's Day when you're not coupled up:

- Visit a Comedy Club: Why sit at home feeling sorry for yourself when you could be laughing instead? Many comedy clubs offer Valentine-themed shows on this night - once you start cracking up about their dating horror stories and woes of domestic life, you'll be thanking your lucky stars that you're going home by yourself at the end of the night.

- Drinks and apps: We all know that Valentine's Day dinner can be one of the most expensive meals of the year, but don't let all the couples keep you from spending a swanky night out on the town! Grab some friends and head to that fancy restaurant you've been wanting to try, and treat yourself to some delicious martinis and appetizers. You'll still get the decadent restaurant experience but at a much lower price (and feel free to load up on the garlic and all of the other not-date-friendly foods you typically avoid!).

- Classic sleepover: Remember how much fun it used to be in middle school to host a bunch of your girlfriends for a night of movies, snacks, gossip, and staying up way too late? Add some wine into the mix and you have the makings of the perfect adult sleepover!

- Anti-V Day party: Check out the event listings for your local bars because the chances are good that at least one will be throwing some kind of "I Hate Valentine's Day"party. This is a good option if you want to totally steer clear of lovey dovey couples, plus you never know which other anti-V Day singles you might meet that night!

- At-home spa day: If you're not feeling too social and just kind of want to do your own thing, treat yourself to an at-home spa day. Give yourself a mani/pedi, run a bubble bath, smooth on a DIY face mask (perhaps our aspirin mask), pour yourself a goblet of wine, and grab that novel you haven't had time to finish...this night is all about relaxation!

- EX-orcism: You know how you have that one ex who still just gets under your skin, and even the smallest Facebook "like" from him is enough to drive you into a spiral of obsession? Banish him from your mind (after all, you have more important things to think about!) by EX-orcising his presence from your home. That means tossing the movie stub from your first date, the perfectly soft t-shirt he left at your house, the card from your birthday three years may feel painful at first to get rid of these mementos, but think of it as a way of spring cleaning and making room for new love in your life.

And if all else fails, remember: Valentine's Day is just one night of the year, it will be over before you know it, and you are way too fabulous to settle for anyone not as fabulous as you! What's your favorite way to spend Valentine's Day as a single gal?



  1. LOVE these ideas! Having good girlfriends around to make it through "couple-y" holidays is the key to making it through unscathed! I love the sleepover idea....and having apps and wine especially! (Or both together!)

  2. These are such great ideas!! My senior year of college we had an amazing girls night for valentine's day - seriously one of my best ones ever, we made dinner, watched a movie and then just laughed the rest of the night - best ever!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. these are all great ideas - to be honest, I've always despised Valentines Day because it's so close to my birthday and everyone is focused on that and I'm like 'helllooooooo world, what about me?!'

  4. My friends and I are having a Girls Day Valentines Day. Can't wait, will be so much fun.

  5. Love the list! I used to call V-day Valium-times day back in my single days!

  6. These are great tips! Valentine's Day for the singles can be fun, too! I am glad you shared these great ideas!

  7. Love this list! I've never been a fan of Valentines Day even more so now that I'm married :-P

    I like to treat it as another fun day on the calendar, and I really love the comedy club idea... always a good time!

  8. Wonderful ideas! Valentine's Day is about loving yourself too :)

  9. Great ideas! I am not a huge Valentine's Day fan. I never have been! But I do love the excuse to get dressed up and go on a date!

  10. I think this is a list of great ideas! Any day is a great excuse for a spa day! And the comedy club always provides a great time :)

  11. Hah love the EX-orcism idea! Great roundup ;)

  12. Love the Ex-orcism. I definitely need one. Damn.


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