Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter in a Glass: Flaming Peeptini Recipe

Hey Gals! A couple weeks ago we posted a little teaser on Instagram of our new favorite Easter cocktail, the Flaming Peeptini, and today I'm finally posting the recipe! 

I've had this idea floating around for over a year now, and I've finally been able to perfect it!

 The cocktail itself couldn't be easier to make - 2 parts Marshmallow Vodka and 2 parts Caramel Baileys

The trick is getting that little pink clown to catch fire
After many trial and errors... and a busted martini glass
Turns out, plastic martini glasses and flaming drinks don't really get along.. imagine that!
I finally figured out how to get the Peep nice and charred
sorry little fella!
After you mix-up your cocktail, pour some over-proof alcohol into a shot glass - you don't need a ton, but just be sure it's a high proof.  Unfortunately your standard vodka isn't going to cut it, so I opted for the cheapest over-proof rum I could find.
Don't worry, you won't end up tasting it - all of the alcohol ends up burning off during your little bonfire in a glass

Next, carefully light the shot on fire - I recommend using one of those long lighters that are typically used for lighting candles

Then, once your shot is on fire, put the lighter flame on your peep and slowly pour a little bit of the shot over it.

Say your farewells to your Peep as the flame in your glass eventually goes out, and of course, thank him for having the courage to sacrifice himself for the greater good of your cocktail

And that's it! I'm not going to lie, this one is a little tricky but I promise it's worth it - not only is the Peep super delicious after getting burnt to a boozy crispy, but it's also one hell of a show!
 Now, if you're more of an anti-Peep cruelty sort of Gal, you can always opt to just float the Peep on top of the cocktail and skip the pyrotechnics - either way, I promise the cocktail is so, so good!

The marshmallow vodka gives it the distinct Peep flavor, while the caramel Baileys makes it sugary sweet, just like the crunchy pink outside

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  1. This is a cute idea!! I love the peep but may have to skip the flames ;)

  2. You are so fancy!!! It looks incredible and I'm sure tastes amazing!!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. So much fun! I'm dying about the plastic glass!! That is totally something I would do!!

  4. Leave it to you gals to come up with something this fun and creative! Gotta try to show off to my "peeps" on Sunday with this one!

  5. This is equal parts hilarious and amazing - I only will attempt this if my hubs is around with a fire extinguisher. Ha!

  6. haha that looks pretty awesome. I have no idea how you came up with that but major props.

  7. What a fantastic idea, love fun festive cocktails! And lol at the poor peep whose face got burnt, poor little guy!

  8. I love seeing all the behind the scenes fun like that! Poor peep but seriously the presentation is amazing!

  9. This is the best cocktail recipe you have posted yet! I would probably not make this because I don't trust myself with the fire but I would totally float the peep and then eat it after it's soaked up all the alcoholic deliciousness!

  10. Super cute idea for easter entertaining! Thanks for linking up lady!

  11. You are killing me with this... SO fabulous!! I'm definitely trying this.. I think I'll just let my peep float around on top.. I don't see me being able to perfect that fire part like you did!

  12. That is soooooo much fun!!!! Although, when I was younger I always felt bad eating cute food. I would bite the head off first so I didn't have to see it's judgy eyes. haha!!

  13. Such a fun drink idea. I used to love a Peach pie shot that was lit on fire back in my college days.

  14. That is so awesome! These pictures are super cool! I'd burn off my eyebrows so I'll just admire vicariously through you lol :)

  15. This is just amazing. Who thinks of this stuff?!?! I'm going to need you ladies to live a little closer to me so we can have cocktail parties. Lots and lots of cocktail parties.

  16. I would TOTALLY burn down the house if I tried that. TOTALLY.hahaha It looks fun though!


  17. This genius and looks fantastic! What a fun way to use up those peeps! ;)

  18. I love Peeps during Easter and this would be great to try!!

  19. This is so cute and festive! (I'm weird and feel bad for inanimate objects, so I feel really sorry for the peep that got its face burnt off, but the presentation of the finished peeptini is beautiful!)

  20. Love this! I had to giggle as last year I made some angel food Peeps cupcakes and kept setting them on fire! My mom actually buys up Peeps after Easter for roasting over the campfire in the summer.

  21. This is so fancy and super cute all at the same time!! haha I love it!


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