Friday, March 27, 2015

Five on Friday: {March 27, 2015}

Hey Gals! Happy last weekend of March (umm.. how did that happen?!). Sorry for being pretty MIA this week with posting and commenting - thank goodness I have such an amazing co-blogger who was able to pick up my slack (thanks B!!). The entire M household was hit with a plague of sickness early this week and I've been struggling all week to come out of the post-sickness funk, between catching up with work, recovering and attempting to not let my house go to complete shambles! But it's Friday, I'm feeling much better, and I was able to center myself by organizing my entire nail polish collection (wait, it's not normal to find peace by seeing all of your nail polishes lined up and organized by color and collection?!).

Yes I have a problem, and no, I do not wish to seek help for it
So I'm back and ready to welcome the weekend with arms wide open! To kick things off, here are my five favorites of the week:

Favorite Spring Polish

Deborah Lippman - Lilac Wine
And speaking of nail polish, I obviously had to paint my nails after organizing all of my polishes! I wanted something bright and springy so I went with this gorgeous pastel purple that I got in my Christmas stocking but had yet to try out.  It's from Deborah Lippmann and called Lilac Wine - I mean the name alone pretty much had me, but I love it even more after seeing it on.  Definitely the perfect color for Spring!

Bento Lunch Inspiration

Little M has turned into quite the picky eater, as most toddlers do, and it's been a constant battle to get him to consistently eat the meals we serve him. One minute he's obsessed with meatballs, the next, he won't touch them with a 10 foot poll!

Gotta love the detailed reports from school in which your child completely refuses all the food you packed!
 So I've been searching for ideas and recipes to ensure he's getting all of the proper nutrition and decided to start getting a little more creative with his meals. I've seen a lot of parents swear by Bento box meals, which is basically a little assortment of different foods that are presented in a visually appealing way in order to encourage little ones to eat. I know - the lengths we'll go to, to get our kids to eat, but if it works, I'll take it! So I've ordered some sandwich cutters, muffin cups, and adorable picks and hopefully this will be a success with Little M.  Any other parents out there try Bento meals or have any tips or tricks to share?!

RHoNYC is Coming Back
I am so, so excited for the return of the Real Housewives of NYC! Not only is Bethenny coming back, but Bravo recently released the trailer and it looks a-mah-zing! So much drama, plus Countess LuAnn telling the other girls to "just be cool"... obsessed!

Almond Butter

On top of Little M being a picky eater, he unfortunately had some food allergies, one of which being a peanut allergy. I've been experimenting with different alternatives and recently tried out almond butter.. and OMG is this stuff good! Specifically Justin's Maple Almond Butter. It is so delicious and it's taking me everything to not eat it with a spoon right out of the jar! I definitely recommend it if you having peanut issues or are looking for a good peanut butter alternative!

Lilly Pulitzer x Target Collection

Who else is excited for the Lilly Pulitzer collaboration with Target?! Refinery 29 just released pictures of every single item from the line and they are all super adorable! I'm hoping my local Target is chock full of these goodies when the collaboration goes live on April 19th, but at the very least, I will definitely be stalking it online.

Hope everyone has a fab weekend!

Cheers to AmandaJennieKarliClare, Rebecca, Katie, Natasha, Heather, Farrah, and Tif for hosting today's link-ups!


  1. I'm so excited for RHONY to come back - yay for bethanny!!! I'm also excited for Lily at Target - i'm sure it will sell out so fast!! Hope you have a great weekend!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. What a great polish collection! I love the lilac color! I cannot wait for the Lilly Pulitizer Target collaboration! I'm going to be stalking it too, it's going to sell out fast!

    Doused In Pink

  3. I cant wait for RHONY...mainly because of Bethenny :)
    I saw the Lily for Target last night and I think so did everyone in blog world because almost everyone I've read about has posted about it! Can't wait to get my hands on a few of those finds!
    Love that lilac nail polish color, too!
    Hope you have a great weekend and are feeling better!

  4. I am seriously dying over the Lilly collection. I think everyone posted about it today haha! I'm definitely getting up at the crack of dawn to get everything! And LOVE that lilac nail polish! So pretty!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. That nailpolish is such a great spring color! I might have to check it out : ) I never really got into the real housewives shows, but I might have to check out the new season! Happy Friday :)

    xx Gretchen @

  6. Sorry that so much sickness entered your household this week! That's the worst. But hey - hooray for organized nail polish! I definitely need to do the same. The LP/Target collab looks fabulous - can't wait to shop! Have a good weekend!

  7. Lily Pulitzer for Target?! Whaattt. Love that nail color too. I watch the RHOBH and OC but I'm not a big of NY. I grew up on Long Island and I feel like everyone who isn't from NY thinks that all women from NY are like those ladies. Anyway!! So sorry that you weren't feeling well this week. :-( I hope that you have a great weekend!!

  8. Glad you're feeling better! That polish is so pretty and spring-y! Try not to worry about the food issue too much... It gets better, I promise :)

  9. love the nail polish color and REALLY wanting some of the almond butter....feel better!!!

  10. YAY RHONY! I cannot wait. I live for LuAnn's condescending eyebrows. I'm a little bummed that RHOBH ended (can't wait for that finale!) but knowing NY is coming soon helps soften the blow. Hope you have a restful weekend and get back to 100%! Thanks, as always, for linking up at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  11. I am so excited for the Lily collection! I only wish it were coming out sooner so I could take it all with me on our honeymoon haha!

  12. Awwwww! I did bento boxes for T for a while. I had all these sandwich cutters and accessories from Pottery Barn and I got super into it and then...Taylor decided she didn't want to bring lunch anymore! She actually prefers school lunch. Whatev. I tried. I love that nail polish! Gorgeous color! I also organize to make myself feel better. Totally works! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  13. Justin's is my favorite!!! I really do love it! And that purple nail polish is beautiful! I need to paint my toenails :)

  14. Love that lilac polish! My nails need some pampering for sure. Everyone's been talking about the LP line for target. I'm excited to see it in stores! Have a good weekend!

  15. Awwww man I hope you're all feeling better, that is zero fun! I hope it wasn't the stomach flu plague that is the worst! But on a brighter note, loving that nail polish, so pretty!

    Happy Friday <3

  16. Love that color polish, and I too am excited to see what the Lily line looks like in hopefully my Target will have some of the collection. Good luck with the bento lunches! I hope it helps! And I hope you guys feel better! Have a great weekend!

  17. The Lily stuff looks SO pretty! Thanks for the rec on the almond butter. I need to try that one, we've tried another and my son doesn't like it (he has a peanut allergy)

  18. Such a great post! I just found your blog via Tiff (brightonabudget) and love it! I have been meaning to try the Deborah Lipmann polish.. now I definitely need to go pick one up!! Thanks for sharing a great post!

    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  19. I love the nail colour and I CANNOT wait for RHONY!!

  20. Hurry up, April 19th! I can't wait to get my hands on a few of these items! Xo, Stephanie

  21. Oooo, girls, I'm going to be in line outside one of my local Targets with my phone in hand when that collection releases:) Can't wait to compare our finds!



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