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Monthly Favorites - Blogger Love Edition

Hey Gals! Today we’re extra excited to join in on the fun with Mia and Kelli for their monthly favorites link-up because we’re putting a different spin on it this time around.  With it being our Blogiversary week, we’ve found ourselves doing a little bloggy reflecting, and with that, we're yet again reminded of the love and admiration we have for our fellow blog community.

Besides the fact that we couldn’t be more appreciative for your support and readership with our own blog, we can’t get enough of all of your blogs! You are all such a creative and talented community, and the two of us are constantly texting and emailing each other with the likes of “Did you see so and so’s cocktail post today!? We need to try that out next time we’re together!” or “Did you read xx yet, we need to keep that in mind for our next link-up!”.  Honestly we have learned so, so much in our 2 short years of blogging, and we’d be remiss if not to give some credit to our fellow bloggers! 

As is the case with many of us, we both have a lot of different priorities that we juggle throughout the day, so at times it’s hard to comment on every single amazing post we come across and give it the proper due, so today we’d like to highlight some of our very favorite posts.

Even though they are not necessarily from the past month (we just couldn’t limit ourselves) we’re hoping Mia and Kelli don’t mind too much if we bend the rules a little bit, just this once, and spread the love! Thank you gals for providing us with infinite inspiration, wisdom and entertainment – big emoji heart eyes to you all! 

Whether it’s blogging advice, recipes, beauty must haves, or just simply an entertaining, good read of a post, we can’t get enough! For anyone unfamiliar with these blogs, check out these awesome posts – and if you are already a fan, well then give them a second read, because they are just that good!!

Biana recently posted an amazing tutorial on how to turn your blog into a custom ios icon - I mean, how amazing is it to see your blog in app form everytime you go on your phone?!

Tif is a gal after our own hearts and always looking for a deal, so when she did a comparison of her favorite beauty dupes, we were allll over it.

You know we can never resist a sequin, so when Meghan showed us how to sparkle even after the holidays, we were fully on board. Plus, we just can't get enough of how gorgeous these pictures are (and the gal in the pics!).

As we mentioned earlier, we are constantly learning the ins and outs of blogging, so Amanda's post on how to not Sell Yourself Short as a Blogger was such a great and helpful read and one we still constantly refer to.

We love to clown it up around here, so when Kristen posted what her cat's online dating profiles would look like, we couldn't get enough - so, so hilarious!

Emelia basically had us at Supermarket Sweep when she posted on her ever lasting game show dreams - and we totally get it, girl - if Double Dare ever makes a comeback, sign the Gals up!!

We love our beauty products just as much as the next gal, but when Elle posted about the 6 beauty tools you should be cleaning, we shamefully realized we were a bit slacking and hightailed it to our sinks to get cleaning!

And after we clean all of our fabulous tools and accessories, we were excited to get them organized thanks to Kate's inspiring Makeup and Jewelry Organization post. We spend so much on all of these great products, we should display them with pride!

Christina recently launched an awesome link-up for Owning It - since we are all about embracing our inner nonsense, we love, love, love this! 

We discovered Kristin's blog a couple months back through her weekly cocktail link-up, Thursty Thursday and we were obviously hooked! We don't like to play favorite with our cocktails, *but* her pineapple margarita recipe is really something special so you need to bookmark this asap (and taste test it!!).

We always feel a little inept with decorating, so when Shelby posted about her favorite picks for her new Lady Space, we were immediately obsessed with her stylish and fun picks.

We've never met a list we didn't love, so Amanda's post on 30 ways you know you're a mom immediately hooked us, and M can attest that YES, these are all spot on!!!

Most bloggers can attest that finding great, post-worthy content can be a challenge, so Nadine's post on How to get out of a Funk really hit home for us. Obviously this doesn't only apply for blogging and really relatable anytime you are feeling a bit off your game, oh, and it's pretty hilarious, thanks to the amazing memes (which is a staple from Nadine - seriously, if you're ever in a bad mood, just check out her Friday Favorites posts!!).

Pam is one of the first bloggers that we actually got to meet in real life, and as much as we're obsessed with her blog, we're even more in love with the gal behind the blog. She's hilarious and keeps it 100% real, which is why she wasn't afraid to shy away from a little controversy when some crazy Zendaya fans came after her- and for the record, we totally love the comparison and appreciate the joke!

For anyone who's looking for some healthy living motivation, you need to check out this post from Mia on her experience with Tracking Macros. It's incredibly detailed and informational, and most of all, super inspiring!

As we mentioned earlier in the post, we struggle at times with keeping our blog up and running, while still juggling all of the other competing demanding in our lives, so when Jaelan posted some tips on How to Blog with a Full Time Job, we bookmarked immediately, and then set about to incorporate all of these helpful tips!

This is obviously a small snipet of inspiration we've gotten from all of your amazing blogs - thank you for sharing in the same passion that we do and for keeping us inspired on a daily basis!!

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  1. I don't think I'm going to be able to fully express how much I LOVE this fabulous post!!! I may spend all morning here just clicking through these fantastic links! :) I can't get enough of relatable & hilarious ecards and you ladies found so many perfect ones! Love it!! I appreciate your constant support for other bloggers! There are so many talented, creative, and kindhearted gals out there that inspire and challenge us to learn, grow, or just give us an excuse to laugh and whip up a delicious meal or a cocktail to cheers to a week well spent. I love that you thought outside of the box and used this post to recognize some of your favorites!! So thankful to call you ladies, bloggy friends! Again, happy blogiversary! Wishing you many more to come!! Xx

  2. This is such a wonderful post and I'm honored to be on the list!!! I completely agree with you both that this is such a wonderful community and I've learned so much for you both!! I mean you guys throw some incredible parties with some amazing DIY!! I'm so looking forward to what is in store this next year for you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Awe, what a sweet post! I'll definitely be reading (or re reading) quite a few of these posts.

  4. I love our blogging community! I never thought I would become as close I as I am with some people I met through blogging. Definitely amazing! And I definitely need to check out some of the bloggers you wrote about! :)

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. Cute post ladies!! I will have to check out some of those other blogs too. It has been fun getting to know you both a little bit better and I've enjoyed your posts. It is also nice to meet some New Yorker's in the blog world. Even if it does make me miss the bagels and pizza even more!! Hehe. Have a great day ladies! :-)

  6. What a great post!!! I can't wait to read all of these and thanks So much for the love! I love your blog two are the sweetest and always have such fun posts! Xoxox

  7. I just love you girls <3 First of all, no rules to break, I love when everyone makes it their own! Second, this is the sweetest post and I'm honored to be on it ;) Our blogging community really is the best. I can be overwhelmed and read a great post or a sweet email and instantly have my day brightened. I love it! I've learned a lot from you girls and some of the other amazing girls here as well. Happy Wednesday girls XOXO

  8. There are SO many amazing posts featured here!

    I have enjoyed interacting with you both so much. It's an awesome community that we have here, isn't it?
    Thanks so much for all the love and for becoming my internet friends across the country!

  9. Such a great post! I love this little blogging community - can't wait to read/re-read some of those links! I'm so excited to be on the list! Can't wait to continue seeing what creative things you ladies come up with as you keep growing!

  10. Okay definitely saving this post so I can come back to it and check out some of those links! I love the blogging community so much -- such wonderful people!

  11. love these links! off to check out these out. thanks so much for sharing! I love finding new blog reads! Helene In Between

  12. OH MY GOODNESS, you just made my day! Thanks gals for the love. I am excited to check out some of these blogs I haven't heard about. You're just the best :) I am so happy I have gotten to know you both more and absolutely love your blog...yay for celebration week!

  13. Awwww! I love you gals! I feel so honored to be featured in this and also to know you in real life! #bloggingbesties!

  14. Such a great list!! Of course we don't mind! I'm glad you shared about Christina's link-up. I had missed that! Love you ladies!!! Thanks for linking up!!

  15. Love finding new bloggers thanks for sharing! The Lady Lawyer

  16. Awww love the pindred spirits ecard, so cute! And thanks for the shout out ladies, you rock! I've gotten so much inspiration from you both and absolutely adore all your party planning ideas :-D

  17. AW thanks lovers! Y'all are the best and I'm so glad to have you in my blogging world :) xx

  18. Look at all these awesome posts!! I just love the blogging community...there are so many awesome people in it like you two!!

  19. Thanks for introducing to some awesome blogs! Congrats on the blogging anniversary!

  20. this is such a fabulous post - thank you so much for the shout out! and thanks for introducing me to all these amazing blogs! :)

  21. I love this post and can't wait to check out a few of the blogs and links that you shared! Xo, Stephanie


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