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Opening Lines: Real Housewives of Orange County {Season 10}

 The original gals of Bravo are back.. ok let me rephrase that.. the original housewives franchise is back! While most of the gals are actually not part of the original cast besides the OG of the OC, Vicki, the OC housewives are back for the tenth season!! How crazy is that?! I was all about the OC when it first premiered, though had lost interest over the years. I've recently started watching again and realized it's time to finally give this pioneer franchise some due and do a taglines round-up.. especially now that they've reached such an amazing milestone - 10 seasons deep and still going strong! So let's crack open some champs and dig into this seasons signature lines!


 "No one's life is perfect ... but mine is pretty close."
- Heather
Ugh such a classic Heather line! I go back and forth on Heather but it's stuff like this that can make her pretty insufferable at times. She often gets annoyed when she's perceived as pretentious and uptight, but she certainly isn't helping shake that rap with a line like this! Sorry Heather, but not a fan!!

"When life gives you lemons, put nine in a bowl!" - Shannon
Even though Shannon's still a newbie, she quickly has become one of my favorites! And this line is perfectly as quirky as Shannon, so I'm giving this one the thumbs up. I think she's in for a pretty tough season with all of the marital problems she's going through (and choosing to film!) so I like that this line gives reference to that, yet still keeps it a little light by also giving a nod to her kooky, holistic ways.

"Boldness comes at a cost, and I'm willing to pay."
- Tamra
Tamra is another one that I go back and forth with, but the girl knows how to play the reality tv game. She definitely is no wallflower, so I can appreciate her calling out her boldness (though I believe this isn't the first tagline of hers to make reference to it). The only thing that puzzles me a bit with this one is that after having come off of a really rough last season (especially the reunion!), her storyline seems all about mending fences and rebuilding her relationships with the other housewives, so I'm not really sure how bold that is, but I guess we'll see as the season goes on.

"I'm the OG of the OC ... everyone else is just a copy." - Vicki
So, I feel like I have to give it to Vicki on this one - I kind of love it! I know Vicki isn't everyone's cup of tea, but the fact that she really is the last gal standing of the original OC housewives is pretty impressive, especially after 10 seasons! She really is the OG of the OC, so why not give some credit to that with your tagline?!

 "Now that I'm in the OC, it's a whole new ballgame." - Meghan
So this tagline is totally cheesy, but I actually don't hate it! The jury is still out on how I feel about this newbie housewife (though I'm pretty sure her husband is just straight up terrible!), but I don't mind this line and think it's slightly clever, even. So it seems Meghan is off to a decent start and from the looks of the previews, she doesn't seem to shy away from the drama, so I'm excited to see how she mixes with the rest of the crew!

And there you have it - another round of taglines in the books. I think if I had to go with a favorite, I'd give it to the OG, Vicki, though my gal Shannon is a close second! Any other OC fans out there? Which tagline is your favorite this season?


  1. I liked all of the tailgates except for Shannon's, which sucks because I probably liked her the most. I just think it's kinda stupid. I hope that things go better for her and her marriage!

  2. Loving the OC Housewives this season! I actually have liked Heather a lot more over the last two seasons, I feel like she is over the top with money talk but it doesn't annoy me like it did in the first season. That is what the show is basically about after all! Love when you guys so these Housewives posts!!

  3. I liked all the taglines except Shannons. But I dont really like Shannon so I guess that makes sense! I think I liked Heather's the best but shes also quickly growing to be my fav.

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Oh my gosh, I wish that the three of us could have a real-life meeting about this!! Haha. Right now I don't have a favorite yet. I'm actually liking Tamara's new attitude and I hope that she stays that way. Meghan seems nice but her husband seems kinda rude and doesn't have much of a personality. Shannon I like but I didn't like how she treated Meghan in the last episode. Heather is fab even though she's annoying sometimes and Vicki is funny. Oh and in regards to Shannon's tagline, that one has to do with how she likes things a certain way in her home. It goes along with her holistic ways and keeping a non-toxic home. :-)

  5. Love the OC gals. I agree with most of your thoughts. Heather is just..ugh.. She needs to tone it down some. But boy I love the drama! One of my favorite shows!

  6. I have a love/hate with Vicki... that woman.
    I'm interested to see how it goes with Meghan this year. So far, her husband seems like a 100% jerk...

  7. Heather's line is the truth plain and simple lol! I do not get Shannon's at all - she wins for odd ball of the bunch lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. I usually find the taglines cheesy, but I love Vicki's. Anything about her being the OG or whooping it up are always fine with me. And Shannon bothers me, I feel bad for her and all her issues but I feel like she causes them with how sensitive she is and she must drive her husband up a wall with all the bickering. He's a trooper for putting up with it, and she's a trooper for staying with his cheating a** :-P

  9. The OC is kind of a guilty pleasure for me in general.

  10. These ladies and NYC are my favorites to watch! I love to hate on Vickie!

  11. Never watched this... I've been a RHONJ fan only. But without knowing anything about these gals, I still loved reading your take on this :)

  12. I always love your tagline posts about the RH. The OC has always been my favorite, I think because they were the originals. I love Beverly Hills too...well all of them, haha. I watched the Monday episode last night, and finally understood Shannon's line...haha, it took me a few watches. Tamera kind of confuses me too, she's so harsh and then wants to be bff with everyone, doesn't make sense. Shannon loves the attention, and I think she knows what she's doing...brag brag brag, oh but don't give me extra attention. I could talk forever about this, I LOVE the Real Housewives, haha!

  13. Perfect post - love this! I love heather and all her champs - I'm liking Megan so far but I'm with you… definitely not her husband!

  14. Perfect post - love this! I love heather and all her champs - I'm liking Megan so far but I'm with you… definitely not her husband!

  15. Haha yes Meghan's husband is awful - he seems like a jerk. I just started watching the OC last season and I kind of love it. I couldn't stand Tamara last season, but I think I'm coming around to her this season. I do like Shannon and Vicky though!

  16. I think Heather might be my least liked Housewife of any of the cities! I just can't handle her! I'm with you on Vicki having the best tagline and I go back and forth on Tamra too! Some seasons I like her, others not so much.

  17. I will always love Vicki, go back and forth with Tamra and hate Heathers pretentiousness!


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