Monday, June 15, 2015

The Best Guacamole Recipe...EVER!

Hey Gals! Today I wanted to share the world's best guacamole recipe. I know those are some strong words, but I definitely consider myself a guac connoisseur and I promise, it doesn't get better than this recipe!!

Before I get into the recipe, I do want to note two important disclaimers...

*1* - You will notice a prominent guacamole ingredient missing from this recipe... Cilantro. I'm one of those crazy "I HATE Cilantro" gals (and by hate, I mean rather eat worms than be faced with even a hint of cilantro!!), so I've obviously omitted this ingredient from the recipe. If you don't feel as strongly as I do, and actually like the stuff (but seriously, why!??!), of course, feel free to add it in (though sorry, we probably can't be friends).

*2* -  You'll notice I'm using a molcajete to make this - which is basically just a "fancy" mortar and pestle. I looooove mine, and do think it adds something special to the recipe, BUT I also don't think you need to invest in anything to make this, so feel free to just use a bowl and a strong spoon, if you don't have one. Though if you're a guac fanatic like myself, I definitely recommend getting one! It's one of my favorite items from my wedding registry and totally worth lugging it out (and then cleaning) every time I make guac!

Ok, ok - now onto the recipe! First up, you'll need to finely dice up one small onion and a whole jalapeno (though feel free to use more or less depending on how spicy you like your guac). Add ingredients to your molajete or bowl, season with some kosher salt and the juice from a quarter of a lime, and grind with your pestle/spoon.  The causes the onion to break down so you aren't getting chunks of raw onion, as well as allowing the jalapeno to be fully incorporated into the guac.

Next, slice up a large handful of grape or cherry tomatoes (about 10 or so) and add to your onion/jalapeno mix- I find these type of tomatoes work better than a large tomato since they tend to be less seedy and juicy, which can make the guac more mushy.

Lastly, slice up a whole avocado and add to the mixture. I also have a couple of tricks on getting the very best, ripe avocado (which is truly the key to success with this recipe).

 First, you want to make sure your avocado is *slightly* soft to the touch, but not mushy!! If it's mushy, the avocado is probably spoiled and if it's completely firm, it's not ripe yet.
Another trick that I recently learned is that you can remove the small brown stem on the outside of the avocado and check the color - if it's still green, it's good to go, but if it's brown, the avocado is already spoiled.

After all ingredients are added, use a large wooden spoon to incorporate everything, but be sure not to over mix or mush everything too much.

Lastly, I'll add a little extra salt (though taste test before adding!) and another quarter of a lime.  As an added bonus, the acid in the lime keeps the avocado from turning brown!

Serve with some chips and warm tortillas (and maybe a marg or two!).  I find this will probably serve 4, though usually GG and I can easily polish it off ourselves!

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 jalapeno, diced
  • 1 small onion, diced
  •  10 cherry tomatoes, diced
  • 1/2 of a lime
  • Kosher salt, to taste

Recipe (adapted from Fete Accompli!):

Add the diced onion and jalapeno to a molcajete or bowl, along with a little salt and the juice of 1/4 of a lime.  Grind into a chunky paste. Next, add your diced tomatoes. Slice up a whole avocado into small cubes and add to the mixture. Stir and incorporate all ingredients lightly, making sure to not mush it up too much.  Season with additional salt to taste and the juice of 1/4 of a lime.

Are you a guacamole fanatic like myself?! What is your favorite way to make?


  1. Haha we are so opposite on this one! I love cilantro but hate avacados! So yup, not a guac girl but if I did Id definitely be trying this out!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Bless! I love love love guac, so I'm excited to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing! xo

  3. Yummy! I need some guac in my life today. I had some yesterday and I want more. There's never enough guac! :)

  4. There are few things that are better than homemade fresh guac!! YUM! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I love cilantro but I heard recently it's a biological thing and a genetic variant. so you can't help it :)

  6. Mmmmm. I love me some guar. AND CILANTRO!! haha. Going to a Mexican restaurant for dinner tomorrow night and I can't wait!!

  7. I looove guacamole! I swear we make it two times a week in our house ahha!

  8. I'm craving some right now (10:10am) after reading this post! And I need a molcajete...didn't know what that was called, thanks! The guac just tastes better when served in one :)

  9. Mmmmm I want some guac right now!!! I LOVE guac! I am in the middle on cilantro. I don't mind a little..but I dont want the whole plate to taste like it.

  10. Sounds delicious! I'll have Chris make two extra margaritas (you probably saw my picture on Instagram) and I'll be right over!! :-) Thank you for sharing and I hope that you ladies had a wonderful weekend!

  11. I'm going to have to try this recipe! The best guac I ever tasted had cream cheese in the recipe. It was so good!

  12. Cant wait to try this! We are a guac loving family.. Even my kids love it! And I'm wiht you on the cilantro!

  13. Love me some guac!! yum yum!!

  14. Oh my glob yes! I hate cilantro too!

  15. I'll agree. This is the best guacamole.......EVER!!!!

  16. Your recipes are DA BOMB! Hehe! Seriously tho - I don't usually like guac but I had it recently and I may be a convert. I have to try this...

  17. Delicious, I'll be trying this soon! Xo, Stephanie

  18. Holy deliciousness, oh how I love guac <3

  19. Yummy!! Looks good, thanks for sharing!!!

  20. This is pretty much how I make it too, but I usually add a bit of pepper as well!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  21. I make it the same and I could eat it every. single. day! We're having it twice this week :)

  22. Apparently it's a scientific reason that so many people dislike cilantro…. Great recipe!!! but I'd be one of those to add cilantro-hahah

  23. Yes! I hate cilantro too! Taste like soap to me. Pinning this now!

  24. well, i mean with a title like that i have to try it!


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