Monday, June 8, 2015

Top 21 Signs of a BFF

Today is National Best Friends Day, so of course we couldn't let this special day pass by without celebrating it on our blog! Running a blog together is certainly one sign of a true BFF, but here are some others that we've picked up on throughout our 15+ year BFF-ship (along with BFF photo overload)...
Little Gals!
1) You have your own secret language.
Whether it's carrying on full text conversations solely via emoji or using your own nicknames and secret words for pretty much everything, other people definitely need a translator when they are around the two of you.

2) You each have your own unspoken roles in the friendship.
It's M's job to mix cocktails for B, and it's B's job to be the taskmaster and make sure we complete all the projects we set out to do during our gals nights - and that's just the way it is! #roles #weallhavethem

3) You are always in CONSTANT communication...
No matter how busy life gets, your daily text conversations always take priority - after all, it's important to live-text about the latest Housewives episode in real time, and to immediately send your BFF a picture of that wine you drank back in college when you come across it in the liquor store! Priorities!

4) ...yet somehow there is still always soooooo much to discuss!
Despite constantly communicating, there are still always a million things that you need to catch your BFF up on - we've been known to draft lists of topics so that we don't forget to cover anything during our gal chats!

5) You fully support each other's celebrity crush obsession...
Michael, we're ready to hang out again whenever you want, just say the word.

6) the point where others might find it a bit strange.
Only a true BFF understands the need to bake and decorate cupcakes in honor of the first anniversary of when you saw your joint celebrity crush in concert together!

7) You possess the ability to give (or deny) the stamp of approval to your BFF's significant other.
And if you're lucky, you'll eventually get to be just as clowny around the significant other as you are around your BFF...because after all, you two are a package deal so he is stuck with you for life!

8) You know each other's full romantic history.
Every juicy little detail!

9) You've sworn allegiance against each other's worst enemies.
(Even if you haven't actually met them.)

10) You've seen each other in all states of dress and mood.
From a messy bun with sweatpants to a glamorous prom dress, and from sobbing on the floor crying to hysterically laughing, you've been with your BFF through all kinds of highs and lows.

11) Your family is her second family, and it's always just assumed that you'll bring each other to all kinds of family-only parties and events.
After all, the families know you so well, it would be weird to not show up all the time!

12) You're not afraid to dress up like fools.

13) Seriously, you and your BFF are absolutely fearless when it comes to clowning around in public.

14) You've vacationed together.
Because you can basically read each other's minds and know exactly what the other wants to do at all times, vacation planning is a breeze!

15) You can be found at parties whispering together in the corner.
Don't get us wrong, we have other friends too, we swear! We just really like to talk to each other.

16) You have a plethora of stories and shared history that define your friendship.
And you can both launch into a lively retelling of these fascinating tales at any time.

17) Her house is your refuge, and the door is always open.
When a huge hurricane hits NYC, why weather the storm alone when you can hunker down with your BFF? Same goes for when your apartment is visited by uninvited mouse guests (eww). Actually you basically just live there - you have your own mug and your own room and you wear her clothes and you eat her food and it's fine!

18) You have talked about and made future plans for living together on a compound.
We WILL make this happen someday!

19) You're there for the big things...

Like the weddings and the births and all that life stuff.

20) ...and the small things, too.
Who else can you call on to decorate last minute cake pops at 2 am? Also, there is no one who will cheer as loudly for you when Amazon refunds you on a late Prime delivery - customer service win!

21) You pretty much know every single thing about each other, including that she'll be your BFF for a lifetime.
You're totally stuck together...and you would never want it any other way!

What are your top signs of a BFF? Make sure you give your BFF a shout-out and a little extra love today!

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  1. Aww you ladies are so cute! I had no idea it was National BFF day either. Love this!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. this post made me teary!! you all are so adorable.especially that super young photo, i die! ;) i had no idea it was national best friends day - i have a couple of best friends though i don't think we can check every single thing off this list, womp womp! i think a sign of a BFF is someone you can be 98% yourself with! i am rarely 100% myself with anyone, so 98% is pretty good!

  3. Love this!! So sweet, and so true of Best friends!

  4. What a special bond!! So so sweet! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Beautiful post ladies. Love all of the photos too. You ladies are so cute and you will definitely be friends until you are old and gray!! :-)

  6. Hehe!
    Best Friends are the best. Glad you two have each other.

  7. Such a sweet post. Yay for Best Friends.

  8. Loved this post and all the pics! A bit of teariness happened here too :)

  9. Love love LOVE this post! There's nothing better than a friend who is more like family, and you can rely on and trust no matter what <3

  10. aww i love this! Totally agree on the "you're always in constant communicaiton but somehow there is always something new to talk about" hahaha. too true!!

  11. This is so fun and you ladies are so cute with such a great friendship! Loved all of these!

  12. This is the sweetest post!!!! I love all the throwback pictures!

  13. Awww!!! You two are too stinking cute!!! I wish you many more years of friendship bliss :)

  14. You guys are too cute!! Love this!

  15. This is so sweet! It was so cool to be able to see how your relationship through the pictures. Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  16. Love this, so sweet! Having a friend like that is a special gift for sure!

  17. This is sooo sweet! And totally true of best friends. :)

  18. Aw! So, so sweet! My best friend and I have been friends for over 20 years and I couldn't agree more with this post! The 2nd family...absolutely! Vacationing together? Every summer growing up! I like the idea of a list of things to catch up on! Life's too busy sometimes.

  19. Me and my bffs are always talking yet always have so much more to talk about. I love that! You girls are the cutest!

  20. Such a cute post! Kudos to y'all for co-blogging and being BFFs. I think I would kill my BFF if we were co-blogging together! Happy New Year!

  21. Yes yes yes to so many of these!!! Haha, I'm giggling because so many are things my bff and I do!

  22. This was the sweetest post! It made me smile and laugh oh so much. I especially loved the Michael Buble cupcakes : )


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