Monday, July 13, 2015

5 Things to Do the Night Before Moving + GIVEAWAY

No matter how much preparation you do, moving is always majorly stressful. Now that the moving dust is (finally!) starting to settle for me, I'm excited to share some of the little things that made my experience a tad bit easier through a short series of moving tips posts. First up - let's talk about what to do the night before your movers arrive to take you to your new home!

1) Tackle one major project

I know, I know, I know...tackling a major project the night before moving may not sound super fun or even feasible with all of the last-minute details you'll be dealing with, but it feels soooooo good to cross one big item off the list before even getting there. We had all of the furniture ready to go for our new bedroom but we knew we wanted to paint the entire room. We realized that once the furniture was in the room, it would be near impossible to paint since it would be such a tight squeeze, so T spent the night before our arrival painting and turning the bedroom into the lime green of our dreams! Not only was it a huge relief to have one less painting project to worry about, but it definitely made the apartment feel more like "ours" when we arrived with all of our stuff the next day.

2) Get your new place sparkling with Maid Sailors
Who knew that the inside of an oven could ever look so shiny??
Unless you're moving into a brand new residence, remnants from past tenants may still be lingering in the nooks and crannies of your home. T and I found our apartment through a non-traditional route, as the previous residents are friends of ours. While we had peace of mind in knowing that they are clean people who cared for the apartment and its upkeep, we still wanted to start off with a clean slate by bringing in some professionals to freshen it up before our arrival.

It's not an exaggeration to say that my jaw literally dropped when I first walked into the apartment after the Maid Sailors team had worked their magic - everything looked sparkly, shiny, and brand new! Every room was radiant and glossy enough to be in a magazine. T was on-site while the ladies did their thing, and raved about how they were friendly, efficient, and left no corner unscrubbed. Not only did they tirelessly clean every inch of the surface areas and floors, but they did a deep cleaning on all of the interiors - every single drawer was left spotless, there was not a single speck of dust left behind, and I've seriously never seen an oven look remotely as shiny as ours! 

In addition to this kind of apartment move-in deep cleaning, Maid Sailors offers additional services such as routine house cleanings, laundry services, organization, and more! I would highly recommend them to anyone in the NYC area (they serve all 5 boroughs, as well as Nassau County). It was such a relief to come home to an apartment that had been entirely polished from top to bottom, and made us feel like we were starting off on the right foot in our new home from the second we walked through the door. I definitely plan on using them again to keep our new home up to snuff!

3) Bring the basics
Don't waste time on moving day searching through your carefully packed boxes for the essentials that you'll need while moving in (things like toilet paper, paper towels, bottles of get the picture). Set those things up the night before and you'll be worry-free when all the action is going down. This may seem like a minor detail but during the long day of moving, I promise that you'll be very happy to have these basics readily available!

4) Indulge in some yummy take-out

It's not like I really need an excuse to order some take-out, but moving into the new apartment provided me with an excellent one! The night before moving is too busy to go out to dinner but since all of your items are already packed, that leaves you with take-out as your best option.

You can order from your favorite joint in your old neighborhood, or follow my lead and place an order with CookUnity, which is always my #1 choice for easy, quality, home-cooked meals delivered straight to your door.

5) Send out your moving announcements

I always love any reason to mail out cards, and our new apartment provided me with a great opportunity to create some cute moving announcements! While I usually like to craft my own cards, I decided to turn to my friends at Minted to select a beautiful pre-designed option, and wound up going with the tear sheet design featured above. Writing out, stuffing, and stamping the envelopes the night before the move was a great project for me because it felt productive, but was still mindless enough for me to finish it amidst all of the commotion of the other moving tasks! 

Oh, and we wound up using this photo from the Kentucky Derby on the front of our announcements:

Here's one last bonus tip - treat yourself to something special! We've joined some other fabulous bloggers to bring you a chance to win the gorgeous new Naked Smoky palette from Urgan Decay.

This palette contains: 
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  1. Man, I wish Maid Sailors were in the GA area! They sound amazing, and I'm looking for a good maid service!

  2. Is it bad I want to hire a maid service to come out and clean my oven right now? I HATE cleaning the oven and the fumes from the cleaner in the small of a space... ugh. Great tips girl!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Having someone do a deep clean is such a great idea - definitely doing that for the next movie!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I absolutely hate moving, but looks like you breezed right through it! Really love the idea of starting out with a spotless place cleaned by someone else!! Looks like those ladies did an amazing job!!

  5. This is a great post. The last time I moved, I hired a cleaning company to do a deep cleaning and it was truly amazing. Well worth the money.

  6. Hoping it all went well for you guys--looks like some great tips here. You must have learned these from experience ;)

  7. I think it's such a good idea to have the place cleaned before move in and we did all our painting before getting the furniture in too - so much easier if you can do it! What better way to celebrate than indulging in some delicious take out?! Hope the transition is going smoothly!

  8. Crossing my fingers for this giveaway :) Love the idea of hiring someone to clean it!

  9. Indulging in some yummy take out is always a good idea. Congrats on the move! I would have never thought to send out announcements. lol

  10. Calling in someone to clean is brilliant!!!! There is so much to do when you move that taking away all the stresses like that is so helpful.

  11. How great it must have been to move into a freshly painted and cleaned apt! I hope unpacking isn't too stressful!


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  12. Awesome list! Takeout and sending out moving announcements sound like the perfect ideas to me. And still loving that color you picked for your bedroom, so pretty!

  13. love the maid sailors idea, i looked into doing that when we moved, i wanted them to deep clean my house lol. i ended up doing it myself, but next time for sure!

  14. These are great tips! Totally agree about getting everything cleaned up before!

  15. Love your tips! That maid service sounds awesome! I could use some help cleaning my oven, for sure. And love the take out option! The picture you chose for the announcement is amazing! xo

  16. Ughh moving is the WORST! Love these tips though! :)

  17. all such great tips but the cleaning service has to be my favorite! such a brilliant idea!


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