Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Art by Friends

As longtime BFFs, we share a ton of the same interests and hobbies but when it comes to fine arts, we have...drastically different skill levels. Let's just put it this way - back when we were little teenage gals, M won first prize in our high school's art contest with her still life painting; meanwhile, B is still valiantly attempting to master the art of the stick figure. When Art by Friends NYC invited us to attend one of their paint nights, we couldn't wait to dust off our brushes and spend an artsy night out on the town together!

The inspiration painting for our class
The concept behind Art by Friends is simple - they provide all the instruction and materials you need to create your very own work of art, all in a relaxed, social environment. Not only do they offer classes in a variety of painting styles, but they also have craft project nights - we can't wait to return for one of those workshops!

Each participant received her own workstation, easel, and a large, traceable image (depending on the difficulty of the piece, some classes are freehand painting and others begin with tracing).

We suited up in the official smocks, and were ready to let the paint splash all over the canvas!

We certainly weren't the only gals who had paint on the mind this evening. The class was bustling, lively, and energetic!

One of the great things about Art by Friends is that they host their classes in all kinds of hip venues around the city. Our class was held at a German beer hall, so obviously we decided we simply had to have some absolutely enormous beers to pair with our paint.

Hey, it kept the creativity flowing!

Once our beers were in hand, it was time to get down to business. First, we traced our images.

We were a little nervous to turn our papers over to see how our sketches turned out, but to our surprise, we both had pretty decent outlines!

Next, we filled our palettes with a rainbow of colors and got to work filling in our pictures. Being the skilled artist that she is, M opted to make her lady a fetching redhead.

B followed a less traditional path, and took the instructor's advice to try out a more abstract (aka foolproof), drip-painting technique.

Here is the instructor's sample for the drip-paint technique:

We got to meet the company's founders at the event and absolutely loved their fun, laidback approach to the class. They were total gals, and they definitely helped us channel our artistic sides. The bar was awesome and let us hang around until after the class technically ended so that we could finish our paintings. Overall, it was a great creative outlet to break up our workweeks.

B with Tara, one of the Art by Friends founders
By the end of the night, we had shared two enormous beers, 4 paint palettes, and lots of laughs, and walked away with two totally fun, unique paintings. We loved that we were encouraged to put our own spin on the paintings and that the class was well-suited for a wide range of skill levels.

Art by Friends holds events regularly throughout the NYC and Westchester area - check out their calendar for upcoming dates. They also host private parties, if you're interested in spicing up your annual company outing, or trying something new at your next family reunion. This was a great way for us to break up our routine of girls nights out at cocktail lounges - it was so much fun to throw on a smock and try our hands at something new. If you're looking for a chill, relaxing, awesome new activity to check out with your pals, Art by Friends will definitely have the perfect class for you. We can't wait to go back to try our hands at another paint style, or one of their craft nights!

Are you ready to break out your inner Picasso with Art by Friends?


  1. I love Paint events like this! It shows you what you can do, with a little bit of help! :) We had a great time at the one we went to in DC.

  2. Oh gosh I love these kinds of classes and that project looks like something I'd actually hang. Especially the drip, B. I like yours better than the instructors. Love the red head choice and the colors, M!

  3. So much FUN! I've always wanted to go to one of those painting classes, and giant pretzels and beers make it even better :-D

  4. Sounds like such a fun night!! I really love both of your interpretations! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. How fun!! There's nothing better than getting creative on a girl's night!

  6. Such a fun gals' night out! You both did a great job :)

  7. Such a fun night out for you ladies! Derek and I just did something like this recently and it was so much fun - Harder than I thought, ha but fun! Loving the big beer you got to enjoy.

  8. How fun!!!! I would love to do that sometime... But I'll admit... I can't even draw a stick figure either lol!!


  9. Sounds like such a fun evening of creativity! I love the prints!!! I am the master of stick figures. Haven't really graduated past that hahahah!!!!

  10. I love BOTH of your paintings...how FUN. I went to a Paint Nite this past winter with one of my friends and really enjoyed it. It was a fun new relaxing activity for a mid week break. I wish we had some craft ones also, those would be so cool!

  11. These events look so fun! I really need to talk a friend or two into going.

  12. This is so fun! Perfect for a gals night out!! Except I'm with B... Still attempting to master stick figures, haha!

  13. So fun! You ladies did a great job on your paintings. Much better than Jenn and I did. haha but it was so fun.

  14. I'm not the best artist, but this looks so fun!

  15. This looks so fun - what a unique night out!

  16. What a blast! And those paintings are looking great!! Fun memories!!


  17. This is such a great twist on the (very) over-done paint-what-the-teacher-paints scene of a damn marsh or flower I've been to hah. Great job, ladies! And cheers to the extra creativity in the form of those beers ;)


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