Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chocolate Graham Cracker Fro-yo Sandwich + Skinnygirl GIVEAWAY!

We've all had those moments when your tummy is growling and your brain is telling you to pick the apple, but your stomach is yelling, "I WANT CHOCOLATE!" What's a hungry gal to do?

Not to fear - Skinnygirl Snack Swap has your back, and is encouraging all women to make more healthful snacking choices while not missing out on the flavors you want. During the holidays, I wrote about Skinnygirl's quest to satisfy your snack cravings with healthier options that still pack the flavors that you love. Now, the Snack Swap is back with 27 new recipes that match the flavor profiles of the newest Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Bars! I recently reviewed those new bars and enjoyed all of the flavors, so I was excited to see what new recommendations the Skinnygirl Snack Swap had for me.

When you visit the website, you'll interact with a fun tool that asks you to choose your favorite snack, and then it personally will select healthier, nutritionist-approved snack recipes that still match your craving. I can never resist cookie dough, so I wasn't surprised that my yen for chocolate was met with a recommendation to pick up a pack of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Tasty Nutrition Bars (done, and done!). The snack swap also provided several easy recipes that would still satisfy my need for chocolate, but in a much lighter, healthier way. I opted to try out the Chocolate Graham Cracker Fro-yo Sandwich, which literally took seconds to prepare and satiated my need for chocolatey yumminess in just a few bites. Here's a few simple steps for you to make your own:

Chocolate Graham Cracker Fro-yo Sandwich

* 1 chocolate graham cracker sheet, broken in half (as an alternative, I used individual mini graham cracker bites to make poppable bites, instead of one large sandwich)

* 1/4 cup frozen yogurt, any flavor (I selected French vanilla)

Top one graham cracker with your favorite frozen yogurt, then add the other graham cracker. Enjoy!

It literally could not have been easier, and the little taste of chocolate totally hit the spot. I love that Skinnygirl is encouraging women to still incorporate their favorite flavors into their diet but is giving us the tools we need to make smarter choices about these indulgences.

Now, we want to see your snack swaps! Visit Skinnygirl Daily on Facebook and share your own snack swap photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with the hashtag #SGSnackSwap. To help with your snack attacks, we're giving away a full month's supply of Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Bars to one lucky reader!

What's your #1 snack craving?

I am a Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Bar Ambassador (#SGSavvySnacker) and received compensation in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. OMG yum. I am seriously drooling over those! Is it wrong to have smores for breakfast??

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. I love everything skinny girl - mostly because I get my chocolate fix without feeling guilty!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I will be right over for one of those sandwiches!! Haha. I almost tried the Skinnytaste margarita mix... have you ladies tried it? Thanks for sharing this fab dessert and I hope that you both have a great day today!!

  4. Um, I love Bethany - how did I not know this was part of the skinny girl line?! These looks so amazing!

  5. Can I just say brilliant!!! You rock and I hope your day is as you!!

  6. Yum!!! All entered... Fingers crossed:)

  7. Those looks incredible! The perfect summer faves combo :)

  8. These look so so tasty! Crossing my fingers for this giveaway :)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. YUM! Skinny Girl seriously has the best products :-D

  11. Those look so amazing!!! Love your photo skills, btw.

  12. OMG these look so delicious! Would make the perfect "guiltless" treat for the 4th... enjoy the holiday weekend!!

    Natalie // Sprinkled with Pearls

  13. Ice cream (any flavor) is my weakness....and chocolate


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