Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Party Planner: 2nd Annual Pop Star Palooza

It's Britney('s birthday), bitch.
One of my favorite things to do is dress up in costumes since it's so much fun to walk in someone else's shoes for the night (especially when they are very sparkly heels!). My good friend (and TSN guest blogger) J is a Britney Spears fanatic and a lover of all things pop culture, so it made perfect sense when he threw himself a pop star themed party for his birthday last year. Everyone had such a blast that it became an annual tradition, so we all recently suited up for the 2nd annual Pop Star Palooza!

My celeb costume: Ariana Grande
I previously shared some tips on how to throw your own pop star party, so here is an updated list of recommendations with some additions from this year.

Ginger Spice and Jason Mraz

* Have everyone sign up for a particular pop star. In order to ensure no duplicates, everyone emailed J (aka Britney) in advance with the pop star of his/her choice, and Britney sent periodic emails to the group (in character) letting us know which stars would be in attendance. Since we didn't know which guests would be portraying each star, it added a fun element of surprise to the party to see who was playing who. From classic divas like Dolly Parton to It Girl Jessie J, it was fantastic to have a wide variety of stars represented!

Britney and Beyonce
* Go all out on your costume...really. As the guest of honor, J had a lot to live up (especially after dazzling last year in Britney's iconic rhinestone-encrusted bodysuit), but he once again delivered a classic Britney look in the form of her shiny red catsuit. Even his highlighted wig is totally on-point! I had a difficult time narrowing down my look since Ariana Grande is frequently decked out in many different girly, glitzy outfits so I watched several of her videos before deciding to recreate her look from "Problem" - the white go-go boots were definitely the key piece in tying it all together.

Britney and Adam Lambert
* Set up a photo wall. The lime green wall mixed with the classic brick created a fun, unexpected backdrop that was totally Instagram-worthy.
Ariana and Ginger Spice
* Build a killer playlist of pop hits. This one is obviously a MUST. It was particularly fun when "our" songs came on the playlist, since it led to some impromptu performances!
* Hold a lip synch battle. This one will depend on how outgoing your group is (though if they're willing to dress up as pop stars, chances are that they're willing to play along with this, too!). We competed against each other in lip synch battles that got pretty intense - facial expressions, lyrics knowledge, and dance skills all count!
* Serve some special snacks that fit the theme. There is no way that Britney would ever throw a party without her beloved Cheetos, so of course we had to have a big bowl of those orange treats at her birthday party!
T and me...70s Elton John and Ariana Grande definitely make an unexpected celeb couple!
* Serenade the guest of honor with his/her most famous song. All celebrities like to be reminded of their greatest hits, right? "Happy birthday" is too pedestrian and played out for a star of Britney's caliber, so we honored Britney's glory days by singing "Hit Me Baby One More Time" as she blew out her candles.

Dolly Parton and Ginger Spice
If you were attending a pop star party, which celebrity would you be?


  1. OMG what an amazing party! Love all of the costumes and what a fun way to get to rock a costume in July! :)

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. You guys know how to party!! The costumes are fab!

  3. Such a cute themed party! Love the costumes!

  4. Amazing party idea!! Those costumes are all awesome too I honestly cannot pick a favorite!! :-)

  5. This is the best!! I love that you all emailed "britt" what your costumes were so there were no doubles - so much more fun! All these costumes are just fabulous.

  6. Pop star themed sounds SO FUN!!! Love love love

  7. This is so fun!! Great party idea.

  8. Absolutely love this idea!! Looks like everyone got sooo into it! Trying to figure who I could be if I had the chance.....

  9. What a fun event you guys put on!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  10. You are a perfect Ariana Grande! What a great party. Everyone did great!

  11. Bahah Britney won first place for a costume, but you all look great! I want to come next year, k? ;)

  12. oh my gosh i love this! what a fun party. i want to be invited for next year for sure ;) i love that you didn't know who was going to be who, but you know who was going to be there lol. so fun!

  13. So much fun! And how awesome do you look as Ariana Grande - love it :-D

  14. You guys are so much fun!!! I love how you go all out for your parties and really commit to the theme! So cool.

  15. This just looks like an utterly awesome time! I love all of the costumes, as well as your tips and recommendations!!!!


  16. This is honestly fantastic. I DIED for the Insta pictures and this post is even better. So much creativity - J's costume is perfection and you are a lovely Ariana Grande (hopefully no donut licking ensued). So fun! My Type A self also LOVES that there was a database of who was who so there were no duplicates!

  17. This looks like so much fun! Love all your inspirations! xo


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