Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Ultimate Game Day Party

Back when we were teenagers, we never could have predicted that we would become football fans! After all, our attempt at "athleticism" peaked with powder puff football back in high school (along with trying to find any excuse to get out of gym class). However, once M met GG and B started dating T, we suddenly had a crash course in the wonderful world of sports. While we may never be total football fanatics like our guys, one thing that we can all agree on is that game day is the perfect excuse to throw an adorable, sporty theme party!

To help throw the ultimate game day party, our pals at EVITE have paired up with Coca-Cola® and NABISCO to put together some fabulous ideas and tips that will have even the least sporty person in the room cheering on the home team!

When hosting a game day party, we love to have a few different activities to entertain our guests. Now, you may be thinking, "Hmmm B and M, isn't the game the entertainment?" While football is still the main event, adding a couple of other options varies the pace of the party, while also encouraging the less-enthusiastic sports fans to embrace all of the fun! We love this Home Bowl Bingo board where you can mark off touchdowns, time-outs, and more as you spot them on the screen - bonus points if you offer an awesome prize for the winner to get the competitive juices flowing!

We love featuring a DIY photo booth at all of our theme parties, and this one is no exception.

A simple striped backdrop is easy to create with some kraft paper.

Just add some fun props and let your guests ham it up for the camera!

Be sure to tag your favorite pictures on Instagram with #HomeBowlHero, #LifesBetterTogether, #BeThere, and #Evite to show the other fans how you're celebrating game day!

Of course, there's no need to limit your decor to just the photo add a little extra football flair to your food table, create your own home field! All you need is some artificial turf and white duct table to make your tablecloth look like you're on the 50 yard line.

We've never met a crafty label we didn't like, plus we'll take any excuse to tie a party component into the overall theme, so we're completely obsessed with using yellow napkins as "penalty flags"on the buffet table - so cute!

And speaking of buffet tables, we all know that the key to any successful party is keeping your guests well-fed and providing some refreshing beverages. We like to serve up an assortment of small, easy bites that would be right at home at a tailgate, like these yummy Buffalo Chicken Salad toppers served over TRISCUIT Crackers.

We are also digging this miniature version of a game day classic...if you love cheeseburgers (and honestly, who doesn't?) then you need to try these Bacon-Wrapped Cheeseburger RITZwiches, which uses RITZ Crackers as the buns for a little extra crunch!

On the sweeter side, your guests will love these super simple, no-bake OREO Cookie Ball Football Helmets. Give a shout-out to your favorite players by adding their numbers to the helmets!

Throwing a game day party like this can be tiring, so make sure you keep yourself and your guests hydrated with some tasty drinks. Coca-Cola® is a classic and a surefire hit, and we love that you can find it in so many different packages to suit your party...go retro with glass bottles in a cooler, make things personal and Share a Coke by selecting bottles customized with your guests' names, or offer some cute mini cans. B's boyfriend T is a total Coca-Cola® loyalist, so this is a staple in our household and especially during a big game! 

Also, remember that white duct tape you used for the football field tablecloth? You can use the rest of it to add some football "laces" to mason jars!

For more ideas on throwing your own ultimate game day party, check out EVITE's awesome tips and connect with EVITE on social media:

Instagram: @evite

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  1. I am a huge football fan so I love a good tailgate/Superbowl Party!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  2. That is quite the superbowl party!! I love the idea of a great backdrop for pictures! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. The photo booth idea is so fun!! Love the props and using the stripes as the background. Great idea!

  4. holy impressive! those little football helmets are so cute! well all the food is. and the props - love!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. SO fun! All of that food looks amazing! I want those football helmets! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. You're all so stinkin cute and this is awesome!! We are such big football fans, you'd think we were from the south, lol!! Love the photo booth idea!! So much cuteness! Touchdown!!

  7. What fun!! Love the photo booth idea.

  8. All of that food looks so cute and delicious!!! The only way that I'll watch a football game is if there is good food too haha. Thanks for sharing ladies and I hope that you're both have a fab week! :-)

  9. This looks amazing!! So perfect for the superbowl! I love the bingo idea, haha!

  10. These are all such great ideas! I love the backdrop--FUN!

  11. Ahhh the excuses to get out of gym class, don't miss those days! But all this food looks amazing, you girls always throw the best parties with such yummy eats <3
    Green Fashionista

  12. I think that having games is such a good idea for the game, especially because not everybody will be that interested in the game. And all of that food looks so fantastic, especially the cheeseburger Ritz sandwiches! I want to host a party soon, just so I can have a photo booth!

  13. I love all of this, I love the ritz cheeseburgers, what a fun idea.

  14. Love all of this!! Game day to me is ALL about the party and these were some seriously cute and yummy ideas!

  15. Super Cute as always. I love the oreo cookie ball helmets. Now if someone could just come over and transform my house I would love it!

  16. What a fun football party!!!! And ummmm giveme those ritz burgers!!!!!!!

  17. I love the idea of the simple striped paper background and all these treats are too cute!


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