Friday, February 12, 2016

Five on Friday: {February 12, 2016}

Hey Gals! I'm keeping it short and sweet today because TGIF! So let's jump into my five favorites of the week!

80's party

Last weekend we celebrated my cousin's husband turning 40 with an amazing 80's theme party. There's not much more I love than a theme party, especially with such a great theme. Also you really can't beat a great 80's playlist, which meant tons of dancing - I'm pretty sure my feet are still sore, but it was totally worth it!

Valentine's Day Weekend

I'm super excited for Valentine's Day weekend because GG and I have planned a night away on Saturday to go see our very favorite band, O.A.R., down in Atlantic City. It worked out so perfectly that they happened to be playing this weekend, and the fact that it's in Atlantic City makes it the perfect excuse for a night away. GG and I used to love getting away to AC for some fun and gambling before Little M came along, but we actually haven't been since before he was born! So wish me luck at the black jack tables, and feel free to follow me along on Snapchat (kleva21) since I definitely know I'll be oversnapping up a storm with tons of concert footage.

Birthday Swag
My birthday is now officially behind me (by almost 2 weeks now!) but I can't get enough of these new sunglasses GG gifted me. He knows I love me some big sunglasses, so these Tory Burchs are right up my alley, though it's been tough to get them out of Little M's hands

- I think he loves sunglasses even more than I do! But when you look this cute in them, you can get away it - haha.

BFF's who wear the same nail polish...

Ok this one is kind of random, but I still can't get over it so I have to share. When B and I were reunited for my bday dinner, we both started to admire and comment on each others nail polish (as we always do when together) when we realized we were both wearing the same exact polish! And while I know this may not sound particularly amazing to most, the fact that between the 2 of us we probably own over a hundred (no judgement!) polishes, and we didn't even discuss what color we were planning to wear (which we also often do), I found it incredibly crazy that we ended up wearing the same polish. Though honestly, if I think about it, it doesn't surprise me in the least, and just one of the million reasons why we're BFF's fo life.

Married at First Sight

I know I've professed my love of this show before, but I'm even more obsessed with the latest season. Is anyone else watching?! Do you think any of the couples will end up staying together? It doesn't seem too promising, but I'm really pulling for Neil and Samantha - I feel like they are kind of perfect for each other in their own weird ways!

And that's a wrap for today - hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Cheers to April, AmandaJennieKarliRebecca, Katie, Heather, Andrea, and Tif for hosting today's link-ups!


  1. oh my gosh - OAR...I saw them in high school and still remember that show!! Hope you guys have a fun time and enjoy the weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. 80s parties are my favorite! I also love married at first sight.. I secretly want to go on the show haha.
    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  3. As a 80's girl through and through, those parties are my all time fav! Breaking out my Madonna lace gloves, and neon rubber bracelets is a blast!! Finally, someone who has seen and loved Married At First Sight. My husband says he couldn't do it, lol. Happy Valentine's Day weekend lovelies!!!

  4. The 80s are the best era and I bet the party was awesome! So fun. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!!

    xoxo Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet

  5. What a fantastic week, M! I LOVE that you ladies reunited wearing the same nail polish!! Too fun! ...and an 80's party? Perfection! :) I'm a Married at First Sight fan too! My guess is that Neil and Samantha and Tres and Vanessa will stay together. We'll see! Enjoy the concert this weekend!!
    xo - Brenda //

  6. I think that's how you know you're really best friends, when you show up wearing the exact same nail polish! I hope you have a blast in Atlantic City this weekend! I'm sure the show will be awesome and good luck gambling!

  7. that show is just wild but i love watching a good train wreck haha. SO exciting about OAR!!! they are so darn good live, what a show :) have a great weekend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  8. So cute about your matching nail polish!! That 80s party sounds fun too. I've heard a lot about that Married at First Sight show but I've never watched it. Sounds interesting though!!! I hope that you ladies have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Little M in those sunglasses is ADORABLE. They're such an awesome style!! I hope you have a great time at OAR; I haven't seen them in probably 8 or 9 years, but I remember going a few times in high school!

  10. An 80's party sounds like so much fun! have a fab weekend.

  11. proof that you guys are besties when you show up with the same polish! that is amazing. yay atlantic city! have fun!

  12. Enjoy your getaway, and good luck! Little M in the sunglasses is just too cute, and you and B wearing the same polish is pretty adorable too :)

  13. I am obsessed with Married at First Sight... I really like Sam and Neil too and I was hoping Ashley would come around but she isn't.... Cant wait to see what happens!!

  14. I watched the first two seasons of Married at First Sight but haven't gotten a chance to watch this season yet! Bummer

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  15. I've always wanted to throw an 80's party..sounds like so much fun!! O.A.R is one of my all time favorite bands as well, have a great time!!! xo

    Belle in the City

  16. Loving those TB sunnies, and how fun is that 80's themed party from last week?! Enjoy the holiday weekend away and the O.A.R. concert! Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  17. I've been watching married at first site too but I'm a little behind at this point. I like weird shows like that. lol OAR is one of my favorite bands!! I'm so jelly...

  18. I loved your snap of you both wearing the same polish! Those Tory shades are amaaaaazing! Happy Valentine's weekend!

  19. Themed parties are the best, and anything 80's themed is always so fun!

  20. LOVE those sunglasses! I've always wanted to do an 80s themed party! OAR sounds so fun! I always have been a fan! Happy Weekend! xo, Champagne&Suburbs


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