Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to: Easy DIY Wall Makeover with Decals

Home decor - with so many options out there, it can be challenging enough to find your own style, so how do you cope with taking another person's preferences into account?

When T and I moved into our new apartment last summer, I knew that one of my biggest challenges would be meshing our home decor styles. After a full decade of living completely on my own, I was used to filling my space with whatever I wanted, anywhere I wanted (glitter! sparkles! sequins!). While I'm still getting in the habit of co-selecting furniture and decor through the lens of "our" style, I'm very lucky because T has been willing to let me sneak some of my personal, girly style in - namely, through these gold dots:  

Yes, we have gold dots on the wall of our kitchen - and I am completely obsessed!!

It all started when I first saw our kitchen's drab gray walls - certainly not completely unfortunate, but they needed something to jazz them up. 

Since we were already embarking on several big paint projects in other rooms, I wanted to keep this one simple so I turned to my new favorite apartment accessory - wall decals! I found these rose gold circles in the clearance bin at Urban Outfitters, but there are plenty of other online options for you to find your perfect decal match.

Decals are pretty simple to apply, but here are some tips that helped me along the way:

* Set your focal point.
Instead of covering the entire kitchen with the gold dots, we concentrated on a smattering in the entryway corner. This way, it has a similar effect to hanging an interesting piece of art as opposed to serving as wallpaper.

* Lay out your pattern.
I played around with several configurations of the dots, but eventually settled on a scattered design where they are unevenly spread out. To me, this was more aesthetically pleasing than evenly spacing them out across the wall and trying to look too "perfect" (and it eliminated any need to measure, which was a big timesaving bonus!).

* Mock up the decals on the wall.
Once you've settled on a pattern, test it out first by using some similarly-sized Post-Its on the wall. Not only will this help you identify any blank spots or areas that are too heavily clustered, but it will also help you maintain your original pattern once you start replacing the Post-Its with the real decals.

* Slowly roll out the decals, from side to side.
Instead of pressing the decals onto the wall from the middle, roll them out from the side (just like how you would apply a bandage) to ensure a smooth, bubble-less application.

* Admire your handiwork, because you're finished!
How easy was that? In less than 30 minutes, you've given your walls a fresh new look! While I love my gold dots and can't imagine replacing them, one of the other perks of using decals is that they are just as easy to peel off when you're craving a new look.

How have you used wall decals in your home?


  1. This is so great for renters like me! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Great idea sticking the post its beforehand to arrange the pattern! Your gold dots are so cute!

  3. wow...this is an amazing idea...loved it completely...great post...xo, Neha

  4. those are so cute! and perfect for renters (like moi!). good tip on putting post its up first! I'm such a 'wing-it' person that i would have just slapped them on there haha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. What a fab idea! I love how it jazzy's up the kitchen! So fun!

  6. what a cute and fun addition!! i think of them as sequins, like for the blog! ;)

  7. That's so cute and pretty! I love the ease and the impact...great for a quick apartment fix!

  8. Such a cute and simple fix, love it!

  9. This is a great idea and I love they way they jazz up your kitchen! I need something to put on Taylor's walls and this may be a great option!

  10. What a fun idea to dress up your kitchen and make it more girly! I love that it would be easy to change it up too!

  11. I LOVE the idea of the post its before you really put the dots up!! These are so fantastic!

  12. LOVE your gold dots! It's definitely a struggle to come up with a combined decor style, so I love it when our guys let us throw in a little extra "us" and those dots are perfect <3
    Green Fashionista

  13. Haha, I was going to ask about removal because my space is rented, and I like the idea of decals but not if they're semi-permanent! I love the pop it gives the otherwise drab gray walls, AND the fact that you found them on clearance at UO- I never would've thought to check that out!

  14. SO cute!! Thanks for linking up today! xo

  15. Very cute!! I can't wait to do something like this whenever I move!


  16. These are adorable--I've admired them since I first caught a glimpse of them in on of your all's pics. And the post-it idea is GENIUS!


  17. this is so awesome! what a great idea. i want to do something like this in our 'office' aka spare room that i hope is an office one day lol

  18. These are really great, I love that you laid out the post it's first- that's a really good idea. The dots really pop and look great!

  19. This is the cutest touch! I love the idea of laying out the post it notes first - I wouldn't think of that but it's perfect!

  20. Love this little touch of gold! It's just perfect!

  21. Post its are a great idea, I wouldn't have thought of that haha. Thanks for linking up with me last week, hope to see you this week! I'll be pinning this look to the Linkup Board.

  22. Others have already said this but using the post its was such a great idea; I'll keep that in mind for other projects in the future.

    Also sorry about your stove being smushed up against your wall like that. I'm pretty sure that would drive me insane.

    Mai |


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