Meet the Gals

Welcome to The Sequin Notebook, a lifestyle blog dedicated to glitter, party planning, crafting, beauty, fashion, reality TV, cocktails, and more things we love! 

We are B and M (also known as The Gals), best friends of over fifteen years (and counting!). We met in high school and even shared the same first part-time job (working in the school uniform store), and we have been inseparable ever since. As best friends, we tend to have similar obsessions and taste which makes it easy to share this little corner of blogland!

I'm an event planner and fundraiser living with my Southern-raised boyfriend T in New York City. I have a flair for the dramatic and can never resist a good theme party, a glass of prosecco, or anything sparkly! I love going to the theater, checking out new brunch places, entertaining at home, and making lots of lists.

Hi all, I'm M! I'm married to my college love, we and are the lucky parents of one amazing little boy, and one crazy fur child! By day I work in financial services so I cherish having this space as a creative outlet, as I love all things crafty, and would rather make something from scratch than buy it ready to go!

As BFFs who have rarely lived in the same city for longer than a year or two (the longest being in high school!), we had kept a shared journal for years that documented everything going on in our lives, which we lovingly referred to as The Sequin Notebook, since it was just that.. a notebook covered in tons of sequins! After filling up the pages with countless lists, party plans, recipes and everything in between, we felt a sense of panic when we realized our precious notebook was down to its last few pages. It finally dawned us to turn our beloved notebook into the blog we’d been dreaming about for years, and we launched The Sequin Notebook in May of 2013.

Blogging has been so much more amazing than we ever imagined and we absolutely love the community of gals we’ve been able to meet and interact with. And as if we could get any closer, the blog has definitely added another facet to our friendship and often we are still amazed to discover new things about each other in our individual posts!

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